Monday, August 23, 2010

Epic 9 Day Traffic Jam

Here is the link to the article: China's 9 Day Traffic Jam

Yeah, so i just read about this on yahoo news...and wow I thought the traffic got bad here sometimes...

It says in the article that the Jam stretches 100km which is approx 62 miles, and that " the jam between Beijing and Jining city had given birth to a mini-economy with local merchants capitalizing on the stranded drivers' predicament by selling them water and food at inflated prices."

The whole thing is a nightmare. I feel so bad for the poor people trapped on that stretch of highway. I feel even worse for the ones that had little to no money on them, because they are stranded out there with no food or water. No to mention them not being able to get to their jobs to earn money, have a bed to sleep in, or a place to use the bathroom. They said that the reason for the jam was because of massive amounts of goods and people passing through the area combined with road construction....Um yeah, that is just poor planning and not a very good excuse. I can just imagine the public outrage if this was occurring here in the U.S.

From now on when ever I find myself stuck in traffic I will think of this and I will just take a deep breath and think to myself that things could be worse.

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