Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lady Bird

Introducing the newest member of our family,
the beautiful, Kahuna

She is an Umbrella cockatoo who is approx 20 years old. She originally belonged to Karl's Uncle. Karl's parents have been her caretaker for the last few years since his death. About two weeks ago we inherited her since his parents could no longer keep her.

Her name is defined by Merriam Webster as
Function: noun
Etymology: Hawaiian
Date: 1875
1 : a Hawaiian shaman
2 : a preeminent person or thing

But Karl says that she was named Kahuna after the surfer "the Big Kahuna" which was probably Duke Kahanamoku.
He was the only surfer associated with the name that I found in my internet search. I also found references to a surfing school, a water park and 1999 movie.

Regardless of how she came about her name it is truly appropriate. In the short amount of time we have had her, Kahuna has bewitched my heart and has quickly become a beloved member of our family.

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