Saturday, April 24, 2010

Old PC Games Get New Life

Do you have any Old PC games that you love but can no longer play? As games age you will find that they are no longer compatible with your newer operating systems or maybe you lost the disk and its too old to find at a store anymore. Fear Not! There is a place that I recently discovered with hundreds of old games that you can purchase for either $5.99 or $9.99 (total price). Once you purchase a game it is 100% yours, meaning that you can download it onto multiple computers (there is no limit to downloads), and you are free to make as many back up copy's as you would like. The Games also come with extras such as manuals,wallpapers, and soundtracks which are optional to download if you want them.

I first found out about the site in last months Game Informer Magazine. Last night we purchased our first games, we bought Masters of Orion 1+2 combo pack for 5.99 and Free Space 2 for 4.19 (it was on promotion for the weekend). If you are interested in finding some of the older games that you enjoy you HAVE to check out the site. If they don't have a game that you are looking for, you can put in a request or vote for it (if someone requested it before you). Since they are adding new titles all the time, I'm sure that your favorite game will appear on the Site before too long.

Check them out: Good Ole Games,

**Note** The site only supports Windows Xp and Vista but they are working to make all their titles compatible with Windows 7. Karl has windows 7 and all the games we purchased have been running fine. Also I sent them an email about it and they promptly responded with this message: "I am sorry but GOG doesn't support Windows 7 yet, so yes, some of our games might not work as the should on this OS. However most of them are running flawlessly, for more information please check out our forum:"

Here are some useful threads I found on their forum : Windows 7 Compatibility-Work In Progress and Games Working On Windows 7 Also I would expect any games that were recently released or that release new to be compatible.

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