Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Candy!

November 11, 2011 My husband and I had gone to Petsmart to pick up a few treats for our other dogs. As fate would have it the big adoption event was going on. We decided to go have a look. We walked around with the intention of LOOKING only, we moved past several dogs and puppies and as we were leaving we caught a glimpse of Candy in the very back of the tent. Somehow that one look from her melted both our hearts, and we had to adopt her! We spent our last $100 to pay the adoption fees and to get her a bowl and a harness and the rest is history. 11/11/11 Will always be a special day  because its the day that our beautiful Candy captured our hearts.

Candy had been with us for almost 11 months now and she fits very well in our pack of pups. With Candy we now have 4 dogs and a bird! Wowza that's a lot of pets! Haha I never thought I would have so many at one time but I wouldn't have it any other way now.

Candy Cane is the sweetest dog that you will ever know but she is also a little terror! She is actually the most destructive dog that we have ever had. She loves to chew and to pull the paper out of Kahunas cage bottom, shred it, and eat the seeds. She has de-squeekered and un-stuffed every toy that has ever come into the house. Its kinda sad when she brings me a toy, what was once a cool looking toy is nothing but a pathetic little rag full of holes. I try and buy one toy every two weeks and it lasts about 10 min max before its a rag. The super durable toys last a little longer (up to a week or two) but eventually they become a rag toy and I don't buy those often because they cost so much more. We have had to get items for Candy that we never had to have for our other dogs like a crate ($80) and extra tall dog gate ($50). Also Candy has cost us thousands of dollars in destruction of things around the house.

To date the things lost to Candys jaws of steel are:
  1. Karl's headphones ($100) 
  2. My favorite pair of leather sandles ($120)
  3. The wires that connect the mouse and keyboard to my computer ($50 for a new wireless set)
  4. Karl's flip flops ($10)
  5. Countless pairs of socks and undies ($60?)
  6. My brand new bra ($30)
  7. The pillows to our couch ($?)
  8. The back of our couch and oversized chair ($1200)
  9. 2 Crate pillows ($40 each)
  10. 1 pair of King Sized Egyptian cotton sheets ($100)
  11. The bottom of the stair rail ($ ? I guess we will find out how much if we move one day?)
  12. Karl's TMJ brace ($600)
Even with all of her destruction we still love her, that face is so cute and sweet that we cant stay mad at her for very long!

Here are some pics of our Candy baby:

Candy and Molly love to play with the sheets that I use to cover Kahuna with. 
Its a nightly ritual to play with the sheet:


Candy is busy destroying a new toy:


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