Thursday, September 27, 2012

ThunderShirt = Epic Win

This piece of awesomeness right here is a Thundershirt:

In case you have no clue what I'm talking about, The Thundershirt is a shirt for dogs who suffer from anxiety brought on by basically anything (fireworks, storms, the vacuum, car rides, etc). The shirt works by applying gentle calming pressure to the dog.

The other main way to treat anxiety in dogs is through medication. My mothers dog Roxy was prescribed by the vet, what basically equates to Xanax for her anxiety during storms. The medication does work, but you have to catch it just right, (up to an hour at least before the bad weather starts). If its not timed perfectly, she will  run around panting and terrified.

I had been eyeing the Thundershirts at Petsmart and had visited the website a few times because of Molly. Molly freaks out so bad during Thunderstorms that she will whine and yipe as loud as she can until the storm passes. Needless to say, we have had plenty of sleepless nights and miserable days waiting for storms to pass while trying to comfort her. I didn't want to go the medication route, so finally as part of our storm prep for Hurricane Issac I picked up a Thundershirt for her.

I was weary of paying $40 for a dog shirt but it was THE BEST $40 I HAVE EVER SPENT! Molly loves her Thundershirt, in fact she actually gets mad at me when I go to take if off of her lol. As soon as I put the shirt on, she calms down and usually she ends up in her bed asleep. We weathered Issac without a single whine or yipe, as well as several thunderstorms since then. Also I discovered that it also works great for car ride anxiety, Molly was a terrible rider, until I put her Thundershirt on and now she is an angel. I am planning to get another shirt for Copper (he is terrified every year by fireworks at new years and the 4th of July) and for my moms dog Roxy.

If you have a dog who is suffering from any type of anxiety, the Thundershirt is worth a try! I know it seems kinda unbelievable that something so simple could work but somehow it does. I am a believer, and if it works for your dog(s) the way it has worked for mine then it will be the best $40 you will have ever spent as well! :)

Molly in her Thundershirt:

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