Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Annoying Orange....

I was watching some videos on YouTube the other day and i came across the following videos which are oddly fascinating, disturbing,"deliciously" entertaining, and hilarious all at the same time.

When I find videos that i think are funny or cute i always like to share them so i had my brother (Richard) watch them. After watching 'Marshmallow Murder' he clicked on the related video of The Annoying Orange and that's where my troubles all began.... Here are a few of the videos...

yeah....I think the annoying orange is well..annoying. Richard on the other hand thinks that its brilliant and that daneboe (annoying orange creator) is a comedy genius. Rich is the kind of person who enjoys annoying people so it makes sense that he would like the annoying orange. When we were kids he watched The Mask with Jim Carrey and Jurassic Park practically nonstop to annoy me plus he memorized every line in both movies so when it wasn't on T.V. he could annoy me by repeating the lines.

So today he asks me if i would like to go run some errands with him and because i didn't have anything else to do and i said yes. Boy was that a mistake!! The whole hour and a half we were out Richard was like "hey apple, hey apple. hey apple" until i would respond then he was like "orange you glad i didn't say apple again..." or some other stupid phrase from the videos. I was being tortured and Rich was having a blast. By the time we got home i was practically insane, and ready to murder some oranges... Now I sit here, writing this blog, sipping some homemade Orange Juice and enjoying the sweet taste of my revenge ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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