Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little History

My husband (Karl) and I have been married for 10 years, we have no children other than our 2 dogs (whom we spoil alot)and we are gamers. The funny thing is that every game that we play together now i used to hate with a passion. I used to be the stereo typical gamers wife, who would nag every time i saw him playing, I didn't understand how he could spend so much time playing video games. The only games i had really played prior to our marriage was the occasional game in the arcade while waiting on a movie to start and a few games on the Super Nintendo, which my brother played on more that I did. The first 2 years we were together we couldn't afford a computer, (now we have 3, a desktop each and a laptop lol) so he mostly played the PlayStation which he had before we got together. That used to really annoy me because I would have nothing else to do but watch him play or read, so lets just say i went though a lot of books during that time. Then we got our first computer and he was monopolizing the computer all the time playing PC games, which was of course another source of aggravation for me.

The Main game that he was playing was World Of Warcraft horde side (obviously vanilla wow), and boy did i used to get pissed at him for playing, i hated dungeons and raids and how long he would be involved in them. I hated how they took his full attention, I hated how there was no "pause button" like on the PlayStation, and I hated how if i would ask him to do something he would tell me he would do it after he finished, and of course he never remembered after he was done. Then one day i got sick of it and decided that i was going to try the game to see if i could understand what about it was so captivating to him. The first toon i tried out was a human warrior, i leveled to 5 and deleted it. Then i tried a Tauren Druid which i leveled to 30, at this point i got bored with it and decided i didn't care for the game. Then Burning Crusade came out, by this time we had 2 computers and he was so excited for expansion. So i decided that i would try again. I made a Blood Elf Mage we leveled together and i was hooked. I now have the Level 80 mage (my main), an 80 Warlock, and a 35 Priest (yes they are all Blood Elf, i love the look of the blood elf). He has an 80 undead priest (his main), 80 blood elf mage, 80 orc rogue, 80 blood elf Paladin, and 35 troll hunter. My hubby now has free reign to play all he wants without the naggy wife, we play dungeons together, we raid together, and we level new toons together.

The other game we recently started playing online together is Astro Empires (AE). I hated that game with about the same passion that i hated wow and now I'm addicted to it... It all started with one of his guildies giving away his account since he was unable to play anymore. The guild leadership asked Karl if he wanted to take it and they would find someone else for his lower lvl acct. Of course he said yes. His guild has a lot of wives that play with their husbands so when he was on vent (ventrilo) one day they were asking him if his wife would like to take the acct. He then started telling them about how i hated the game and how i hated him playing it... listening to all that made me start to feel bad so i told him that i would take over on a trial basis, and the rest is history.

So the moral of the story for me is that if you cant beat them join them, that i should loosen up especially when it comes to new games he finds (because i will probably end up playing them), oh, and to just have fun! :)

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