Saturday, February 20, 2010

Private Practice And Addison Slutgomery!

I finally got around to watching the last 2 episodes of Private Practice that I had saved on our DVR today. I love Greys Anatomy and Private Practice, but as cool as all the medical stuff is the real reason i watch these shows it to see all the personal drama play out. After watching Private Practice I've come to realize that Addison Montgomery is such a slut!

She started out on Greys Anatomy married to Derek Shepard. She Then had an affair on her husband with his best friend Mark Sloan. Then her and Derek decided to try and reconcile their marriage but he was ultimately in love with Meredith Grey whom he was having an affair with. Upon finding out about Derek's affair she sleeps with Mark Sloan again, which ultimately leads to her divorce. Once divorced she ends up sleeping with Alex Karev an intern under her service. Once finding out that Alex was not interested in pursuing anything other that a sexual relationship, Addison decides to leave and thus the show Private Practice came about.

On the first episode of Private Practice, Addison made out with Pete Wilder one of the doctors at the practice whom she will have some sexual tension with throughout the seasons to come. However after Pete stands her up for a date she begins seeing a cop named Kevin. While living with Kevin, she makes out with Dr. Wyatt Lockhart whom was working for a rival practice. That make out session ends up in her and Kevin breaking up. Then she meets Dr. Noah Barnes whom she is very attracted to and ends up kissing and "falling in love with". However it turns out that Noah is the husband of one of her pregnant patients, thus Addison decides not to pursue a relationship with him. Then Mark Sloan comes to town in another crossover event and Addison falls into her old habits sleeping with him again. Then she starts to fall in love with her coworker and long time friend Sam Bennett who is also the ex husband of her best friend Naomi. Upon realizing that she cannot pursue a relationship with Sam because she does not want to upset Naomi, she starts sleeping with none other than Pete Wilder, (who is now a father by Violet Turner another coworker whom he is still in love with). Now Sam just found out about her and Pete and does not want to Have anything to do with Addison...

OMG the and it keeps me coming back every week! I only Have one suggestion for the show...I Think that they should change Addison's name to Addison Slutgomery and then all would be right in the world of Private Practice. :P


  1. I AGREE! LOL! Her slutaciousness made me stop watching it.

  2. lol Im still watching it, seems like they are trying to make her a little less slutty now that she adopted a baby. Her love life is still a train wreck but I believe that they are going to make her choose one guy (finally) this season. Then again maybe not, perhaps they will throw us a curve ball and have her sleeping with like every intern on Greys Anatomy or something on a grand crossover event lol!

  3. And the worst part is that supposedly she fell in love with all of them. The show is so much better without her on it.