Saturday, April 3, 2010

Clash Of The Titans

We just got back from seeing this movie. First of all let me say, don't waste your money watching it in 3D like we did. You can obviously tell that 3D was an after thought. I think the producers just wanted in on the 3D cash cow so they threw in a little 3D at the last minute to make some extra money.

Other than the 3D botch, the movie was wonderful. The graphics were great and so was the story. They did make quite a few changes to the original 80's movie. Of course both movies just loosely mirror the Greek mythology behind them, so if you are a stickler for mythology than the 80's version is closer to the actual legends. However, I feel that they were very successful at making this movie feel new and fresh. It was a great update to the 80's movie. The plot changes made take this movie out of the 80's and into the modern world.

**Lil SPOILER ALERT** If you are hardcore about the 80's movie then you may not like this updated version. Karl(he loves the 80's version) hated the fact that they took out Bo Bo (the owl from Athena), that Perseus's mother did not survive to raise him with the fisherman,that Perseus did not marry Andromeda, the inclusion of the Djinn (human-like desert shaman with magic powers), and that Perseus has a hatred for the gods after they killed his family. However, if you are not a stick in the mud about old movies (aka Karl) these are minor things that in my opinion make the plot flow better and make Perseus's epic journey seem more realistic. Also they did pay a tribute to Bo Bo which was nice for those that missed him. I personally thought the addition of the Djinn in the movie was great. In my opinion, a little magic mixed in with a little Greek mythology and wonderful 21st century graphics = awesomeness!

I believe that Clash of the Titans was a win. Go see it in 2D and I think you will enjoy it.

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