Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sago Palms Beautiful But Deadly!

I just saw this on the news tonight: Pets killed by common plant

If you have Sago Palms and pets you should get rid of the palms ASAP. Apparently the palms are as deadly as they are beautiful. The news said that the seeds of the plant have a sweet taste which is enticing to pets. EVERY part of the plant including leaves, roots, seeds, etc are extremely toxic. The plant quickly causes liver failure and there's no antidote. Treatments of Sago Poisoning include inducing vomiting, charcoal and finally blood transfusion. If you have Sago Palms and you notice your pet acting sluggish and vomiting get them to a vet asap to begin treatment. The longer you wait to bring your pet the less likely they are to survive. Early treatment of Sago Poisoning will give your pet better odds of living. Please if you have pets read the article, watch the video, and dig up those Sago Palms.

I had no idea that the Sago Palms were toxic and neither did my Mom who has several of the palms. Thank goodness I saw this because Roxy loves to chew on anything and everything she can find. Roxy or one of my babies could have easily ended up a victim of Sago poisoning. We are getting rid of those palms first thing in the morning!

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