Monday, March 1, 2010

The Bachelor - On The Wings Of Love

I just finished watching the finale of The Bachelor- On The Wings of Love. My pick for Jake was either Tenley Or Gia. From day one, I did not like Vienna. Vienna just seems too wishy washy, she seems too caught up in the idea of a perfect fairytale and she doesn't seem right for Jake. I feel like Vienna is going to expect every day of their relationship to be this perfect passonate romantic fairy tale, and to be surprised when the reality of real life hits her. Love is beautiful but it is not perfect, Love comes easy yet it takes alot of work. To have a real lasting meaningful relationship there has to be more that just that "spark" of passion and "love", and I'm not sure that Vienna understands that.

With that said, if Jake is happy, then I am happy for him. As outsiders we can speculate on what is best for someone and make judgements on what we can see from afar, but as people on the outside looking in we cannot know what is right for someone. It may not work out with Jake and Vienna but then again it could just as easily be a match made in heaven. They both saw something special in each other and if they are both willing to work together and grow together then they could very well build a lasting relationship based on real love. Congratulations Jake and Vienna I wish you both the best!

I'm looking forward to the next season of The Bachelorette, with Ali. Originally i was hoping that the Bachelorette would either be Gia or Tenely if Jake did not choose them. However i think that Ali will be a good Bachelorette. I completely respect her decision to leave Jake, and honestly I would have made the same choice if i was in her shoes. I may have regretted it and i would probably have resented my job for putting me in that position but the realities and responsibilities of real life would have sent me home. I guess now she will have to leave her job (unless they let her take the time off to keep away bad publicity) to be the Bachelorette. Either way, I'm sure that we have a very interesting season ahead of us.

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