Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playing Top Chef - Maritime Tacos (Fish Tacos)

We made Fish Tacos with mango radish salsa and homemade corn chips with tomatillo salsa tonight for our weekly cooking experiment. I actually took all the pictures of the dishes this week because food network didn't have any pictures of what we were making. I like my pictures better than the ones the food network has done for the other dishes we've tried (maybe I'm biased lol) anyhow, from now on I'm going to try and take my own pics for the new dishes we make. Below is the picture of the Fish Tacos (courtesy of me ☺) and here is the link to the recipe: Ultimate Fish Tacos

I have to admit that I was very skeptical about making this dish. I thought that fish tacos didn't really sound all that appetizing. Well they may not sound all that great but they looked, smelled, and tasted heavenly!! I am so glad that we tried these! We decided that such a delicious dish needed a catchier, tastier name, so we are now officially calling fish tacos, Maritime Tacos.

I've never had Mahi Mahi before and I was pleasantly surprised at its mild flavor and light airy texture. The only down fall to Mahi Mahi it that it is a bit expensive and was hard to find. I called several local fish markets and they did not carry it. Luckily Whole Foods had just gotten a shipment in and I was able to get it there(Whole Foods to the rescue again lol). I liked the way the panko bread crumbs gave the fish a nice crunch. The mango radish salsa was very refreshing as was the pink chile mayo. I love that when you combine the fish, salsa, and mayo together with the cabbage on the tortilla its like a fiesta in your mouth.

To go with the Maritime Tacos we made homemade corn chips with tomatillo salsa. Below is the picture (courtesy of me again ☺) and here is the link to the recipe: Fresh Fried Corn Chips With Tomatillo Salsa.

One of the first things that you probably notice about the picture is that the salsa is red. You might be wondering how the salsa is red when tomatillos are green...Its Magic!!...not really... we made the tomatillo salsa and hated it, so the salsa in the picture is Pace Picante. The tomatillo salsa was really bitter and just nasty so we ended up throwing it out. On the upside, the tortilla chips were really yummy and easy to make. Plus they are much better tasting than the chips that you buy in the store.

Overall the meal was wonderful and I had a lot of fun (as I always do) preparing it with Karl. Its kinda funny but before we started this experiment we never cooked together too much. It would just be one of us cooking. Now I look forward to trying new meals and working as a team on a mini weekly - biweekly project. You know what else? I love working with Karl on anything and I just plain Love Karl and i always will ♥

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