Friday, March 12, 2010

Epic RL PVP Battle! (man vs wasp)

There was an epic battle in our bathroom tonight as Karl took on a rogue wasp that somehow made it into our house and into our upstairs bathroom. I had gone upstairs to take a shower, I turned on the water, got into the shower, turned around, and came face to face with a huge black wasp on the opposite shower wall. I am terrified of bugs so I jumped out the shower, shut the bathroom door, and yelled for Karl to come help me. Karl finally made it upstairs and I tell him that there is a HUGE wasp in the shower and I need him to kill it. Karl bravely marches into the bathroom and starts looking for the wasp, only he doesn't see it. The darn wasp must have sensed that it was in danger and went into hiding. Karl gives me the all clear telling me that he couldn't find it. Naturally I was on edge so i put my "detect invisibility" on, and that did the trick, I saw him hiding on the opposite side of the shower wall behind our shower caddy. At this point I retreat to the safety of the bedroom while Karl grabs the nearest epic weapons (a bottle of Windex and a JCPenny magazine) and charges into battle.

The battle begins, Karl makes the first move by casting a spell of Windex at the wasp, the wasp manages to dodge most of the spell and only gets a glancing blow. The wasp counters by flying and casting erratically around the battlefield while Karl runs for the safety of a conjured shield (aka the door). Karl carefully returns to the battle and notices the wasp is resting trying to renew his health and mana. Karl turns on his stealth and sneaks up to the wasp. He casts another spell of Windex, and this time its a Direct Hit, the wasp is stunned. Karl raises his epic sword (aka magazine) and slices at the enemy. He then lifts his sword expecting to see his enemy defeated, except where the enemy once stood there is nothing but empty wall and floor. Next, he examines his sword and without warning the enemy who was attached to the end of the sword launches himself straight toward Karl's face. Karl stumbles backwards (barely missing being stung) whilst wildly flailing his sword; both Human and Wasp go flying toward opposite ends of the room. Karl calls for backup he needs some heavier artillery. I run to the night stand and grab a mighty shield (aka hardback book) and bring it to my brave knight Karl. Meanwhile the injured wasp is crawling towards Karl in a last ditch attempt to defeat his enemy. Karl runs in and shield slams the wasp, and slams him again, and again and finally the battle is over. Karl has won, the bathroom is once again safe, and Karl truly is my hero :)

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