Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Rings

Those of you that know Karl and I, may have noticed that neither of us have been wearing our wedding bands lately. Sadly after 10 years of use we have outgrown them and they cannot be sized because of the etch work on them. We decided that we couldn't stand going without bands any longer, so we went out and got new rings. I really like the new rings. They don't quite match because the ring I wanted wasn't available in Karl's size, couldn't be sized due to the etchings (like our old rings), and was on clearance, but that's ok because they are similar and we know what they stand for. I really like our new rings. Don't get me wrong, I still love my original band and I hope to one day be able to slim down enough to wear it again. However I like the more modern look that our new bands have. Here is a pic of our original bands.

Here is a pic of the new bands (top bands are mine bottom is Karl's). Sorry sbout the picture quality but it was really hard to get a good shot because they are too shiny lol.

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