Sunday, March 21, 2010

Signs You Are Addicted To WOW And AE...

Twenty Signs that you are addicted to World of Warcraft (wow):

1) You have more than one level 80 character.

2) You post links to the armory for your multiple characters, on your blog about wow addiction....
Winterblaze....... Shadowskiss....... Jadegoddess

3) As soon as the expansion was announced you reserved names for the new characters you are going to make. (yes i have them reserved...Worgenlefay worgen mage...figured if I was going to play alliance then it should be my favorite class and Shamania goblin shaman.)

4) You leave work early or call in sick to raid.

5) You know your WoW friend's real name, but it's still easier to call them by their game name.

6) You refer to opposing sides of anything as Horde vs Alliance.

When some kids outside the Circle K ask if you would buy some beer for them you respond "I dont buy beer for lowbies".

When the microwave timer dings, you yell "GRATS!"

You kill a rat and then go back later to see if it respawned. Then when revisiting the rat incident you think, I'm a level 80, it should have died in one hit.

You get a bank statement and think "i gotta go do some dailies."

You look in your mostly empty fridge and almost instinctively look for the conjure food and water button.

You tell your coworker that your boss is a noob

13) You're being extremely annoyed by someone and think to yourself, 'if i spam fear, i can run away".

After sex, your lover demands more and you ask to wait for a cooldown or for a stamina buff

You ask the car dealer if your rep will get you a discount on mount training and cost.

16) Your getting mugged and you attempt to bubblehearth.

17) When one of your friends is complaining about a real life issue, you respond with QQ.

You hesitate to eat lamb/pork/turtle.

You pass a cop and wonder if you aggroed and then if you did aggro the reason you gave for speeding was that you were under the effects of crusader aura.

20) When someone asks you if you have leadership or managerial experience you say "I am an officer in a guild"

I'm only guilty of the first 6 signs! I hope you enjoyed my WOW list. Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you think of any other signs.

Twelve Signs that you are addicted to Astro Empires (AE):

1) You play on more than one server.

2) You link the profile of your character(s) into your blog about being addicted to AE .......... Lady Sylvanas of Fenix........ Lady Sylvanas of Gamma ......... Madam Rogue Wave of Helion

3) You set your alarm and get up in the middle of the night to make a hit.

4) You check to make sure that your ques are full 3 or more times per day.

5) If you are a teen and your parents ground you, you tell your friends that you are being perma occ'd.

6) You see a car accident happen and you wonder how many recyclers it would take to suck up the debris.

7) You hear a noise outside the house and check the scanner to see if anything is there.

8) You beat up an old lady and steal her purse, when confronted by police you claim that it was because she had weak defenses.

9) Your neighbor moves away so you sit outside his house with a shotgun waiting for it to become a UC.

10) You name your children or pets after the servers that you play on.

11) You tell your dog to shut up or you are going to derb him

12) You think God is a noob for colonizing an earthly.

That concludes my AE list, luckily I'm only guilty of the first 4 signs. I would love to hear some other signs, so if you have any ideas feel free to leave a comment. ☺

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