Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playing Top Chef - Steak Sandwich

This week we decided to make the Ultimate Steak Sandwich. Below is a picture of the sandwich courtesy of The Food Network and here is the link to The Ultimate Steak Sandwich recipe.

This sandwich was AWESOME!! It was the best sandwich I've ever had. We made a few changes to the recipe : we left out the arugula in the mayo, used cheddar for the cheese, and we didn't make the Fennel Slaw also we added sauteed mushrooms and onions to the sandwich. This was definitely a winner and we will be making this yummy sandwich regularly.

For the side to the yummy Ultimate Steak Sandwich we decided to make some homemade onion rings. Below is a picture of the onion rings courtesy of The Food Network and here is a link to the Tempura Battered Onion Rings recipe.

The onion ring recipe was very time consuming and overall disappointing. The onion rings looked wonderful but they tasted pretty bland and also a bit bitter. After we fried up the first set and tasted them we decided to omit the flour coating step (the batter stayed on fine without the flour, just make sure you remember to remove the thin membrane between the onion layers) and we added some sugar and more salt and pepper. This helped to add some flavor and tone down the bitterness. Also I think that 1 large Onion would be plenty, (we cut up 2 onions as the recipe said and had lots of cut onion left after using up all the batter). We will not be making these again.

Yet even with the onion ring disappointment, The meal was wonderful. The steak sandwich was divine and i can't wait till we cook up something new next week :)

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